Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Augusta, GA

The problem of obesity has become a menace to the global population as it poses serious health hazards. Yes, thousands of people struggle with this notorious contemporary health issue – obesity. Medical weight loss Augusta is a leading health and wellness company that offers a personalized weight loss program that gives you real solutions for your real life. Our team of health professionals has developed a unique medical weight loss program custom-tailored to each individual needs and goals. No wonder our weight loss program is touted as one of the healthiest ways to lose weight and keep it off. If you are tired of the constant battle with weight gain and health issues associated with it then our medical weight Loss Augusta Program is the right place to start!

An overview of our incredible Medical weight loss program:

This is a truly incredible twelve-month program that emphasizes and encourages ample exercise, proper nutrition, adequate nutritional supplements, and hormone optimization. Our program empowers you with ways to ensure you succeed and consists of the following:

a. A thorough physical examination and evaluation of the person’s past medical history.
b. A detailed laboratory investigation and examination which may be in some cases require quarterly follow-ups.
c. Clinical advice or suggestion with regard to hormone balance or replacement therapy.
d. A fitness assessment test that includes a resting metabolic rate, VO2 test, body composition testing, and flexibility analysis.
e. It incorporates a MYZONE fitness monitor to help you to track your aerobic exercise.
f. Three consultations in a year with a registered dietician.
g. A genetic test to analyze the individual’s susceptibility to obesity, assess the potential for performance and trainability and devise a diet that would produce the most efficient medical weight loss results.
h. Complimentary thirty-day membership to Evans Fitness Center. This consists of unlimited Results classes and three absolutely free personal training sessions.

Our specialty services:

Our valuable services include hormone replacement therapy and advice and guidance regarding nutrition and fitness.

1. Our HCG therapy administered once daily for a short period of time coupled with a low-calorie diet assures effective weight loss results.
2. Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a perfect medically-based fitness therapy that favors weight loss goals. This is because of its beneficial effects on overall wellness and well-being.
3. Our exercise and fitness program is perfectly devised for serious athletes and for those who are intending to improve our athletic performance.
4. Our nutrition guide helps you to start thinking about what you are eating in order to make healthy food choices.
5. Our genetic testing helps you to scrutinize and assess your genetic profile. You can know how well your genes are matched to your present lifestyle and diet and educate you on how to optimize your diet and modify your lifestyle to regulate the genes.

Important matters that need consideration:

We expect that you continue your relationship with our primary health care professional for all medical issues, including medical weight loss, and for a refill of all medications prescribed. We insist that you should work in conjunction with our physician. We also clearly indicate that the medicines prescribed by them include some controlled substances that are regulated by the FDA. We also request that all the medicines should be used as directed only.

Our team of dedicated staff:

1. Charles M Wispert is committed to helping you in achieving optimal health and an active lifestyle.
2. Danielle Priebe, a licensed clinical nutritionist educates people on the relationship between diet and physical activity that helps people struggling with dietary issues.
3. Marc DeWees is a wellness consultant who helps people to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.
4. Dr. Mary Celeste Dement provides a comprehensive program that consists of weight management, fitness, and exercise, nutrition, and optimization of hormones.
5. Michael McClure is a patient-friendly fitness consultant who educates patients to implement lifestyle changes and improvements.

The primary goal of our Weight Loss Augusta Program is to ensure that all clients find a successful path that will lead them towards lasting weight loss and a lifetime of good health. If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight approach them today and you are on your way to absolute health and wellness. If you stay focussed, dedicated and committed we will surely help you attain your goals.

If you’re in the CSRA / Augusta area and looking for a weight loss clinic, we are here to help you get started! Call us at (706) 288-3700!