Genetic Testing

DNA Profiles: Nutrigenomics

Unlock Your Genetic Potential

By doing a simple once-only saliva test, you can discover your DNA blueprint and learn how well your genes are matched to your present diet and lifestyle, as well as how you can unlock the full potential of your current and future health and wellness.

By assessing your genetic profile your specialist practitioner can teach you how to optimize your diet and modify your lifestyle to “turn off” or down-regulated genes that have the potential to cause harm and “turn on” or up-regulate the genes that help to prevent disease. This state-of-the-art genetic testing truly is predictive and preventative medicine at its best.

Synchronizing our unique DNA blueprint with our diet and lifestyle, known as nutrigenomics, is the key to the exciting new realm of personalized wellness medicine.
Most people understand that our genes support our uniqueness – they influence everything from the color of our eyes and our height, to the predisposition to chronic disease. However, science now confirms that our genes interact with our lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, exercise, and environmental exposures.
To understand more about your genes, it is important to know that our unique genetic make-up, which is what we are born with, is like our hard drive – and represents our health potential for life. To function optimally in our environment, our genes have ‘epigenomes’, which are parts of our genes that interact with the environment and causes our genes to be ‘triggered’ – otherwise known as ‘epigenetics’ or our software. Therefore, the expression of our DNA is actually controlled by signals from outside each cell – which primarily come from our diet, lifestyle and environmental exposures.
A one-size-fits-all approach to diet, lifestyle or healthcare no longer makes sense in light of epigenetics – the study of how we can learn to ‘talk’ to our unique genes through the ‘language’ of diet, nutrition, and exercise.

By matching your diet and lifestyle to your unique genetic make-up you can optimize your body to:

  • Age well
  • Know how your body works and make informed lifestyle choices to fine-tune your genetic expression
  • Prevent and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, as well as treat existing health problems
  • Improve your energy levels and concentration
  • Know what diet will optimize the health of your genes
  • Know exactly which supplements will help your body function at it’s very best
  • Exactly which weight reduction or maintenance strategy will work best for you

You will know where your potential genetic weaknesses are, so you can put preventative strategies into place:

  • You will have a personalized dietary program designed especially for you and your genes
  • It will identify your tendency to weight gain
  • You will be able to better manage your weight by understanding your specific dietary and exercise needs
  • It will identify how your body responds to inflammation, which is related to various chronic diseases
  • It can identify your risk of osteoporosis and what your body needs to prevent it
  • It will enable your practitioner to advise you on specific preventative health strategies to improve your long term health

Genetic testing helps to give you the control of your genes and your current and future health.

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